1. Will They Annoy You? Let’s face it, there are plenty of photographers out there that have talent but can be annoying. It’s something about their personality and yours that just doesn’t fit. You can feel it in your first phone conversation and you definitely feel it in your awkward conversations in person. You love their work or their prices or both! Trust me, R-U-N! If you can’t be comfortable with your photographer prior to your wedding, you certainly won’t be comfortable with them ALL DAY on your wedding. You know what? You’ll look uncomfortable in your photos too. Do yourself a favor and keep looking until you find someone you DO click with! Your photographer should be someone who you trust and have fun with!

2. Will They Communicate With You Effectively? Sure, everyone has different schedules and it’s impossible for anyone to always be available exactly when we need them. Be patient if you are messaging your photographer at night. Allow 24 hours for a response before becoming upset.

Your photographer will want your cell phone number. Why? They can call or text you faster than email. It’s the most effective way to communicate on the day of your wedding. Equally, you should have your wedding photographer’s cell phone number. Why? If there is a change in plans, you’ll want to get in touch with them quickly.

Think about pre and post wedding communication. Your photographer may wish to have your email simply because it’s faster to email forms for you to review. You need someone who is willing to communicate with you over the phone and via email.

3. Can Your Photographer Organize Groups of People? With weddings come group photos. Can your wedding photographer organize multiple groups of people in a short amount of time? Ask! Ask what their process is for organization. Look at their website or portfolio and see if there are group photos that are organized or if people are randomly thrown together. Look at the detail of the photograph. Is what you’re looking at what you hope to have for your wedding day? If yes, book them! 

4. Does It Matter How Long Your Wedding Photographer Has Been Photographing Weddings? You’ve looked at multiple websites, FB business pages, etc. You’ve narrowed down the style of wedding photographer that you love and can afford. There are pros and cons to experienced and less experienced photographers. Why hire an experienced photographer? Their experience coupled with personality should help your wedding day go smoothly. It should be more organized and preplanned, so you know what to expect. With that said, a less experience photographer could be highly organized. They may not be as speedy or experienced, but they are often willing to take risks and do things more experienced photographers might not. It boils down to what you value    and can afford for your wedding photographer.

5. What Do I Want After My Wedding? We live in a world of social media. Our brains tell us we need digital files. That’s great. What else do you want? Most couples hire their first professional photographer for their wedding. Most couples want something to enjoy now and something to enjoy later. Do you want wall art? Will it be framed, on canvas, metal, or some other medium? Do you want an album? Professional photographers value these products. Why? We value wall art because you can look at it every day for the 50+ years you’ll be married. It will remind you of the joy of that day. As time passes, that wall art will be seen by your future children and grandchildren. It will bring them joy as well. We value albums because they are your story. It’s one place to view your wedding day. The album will bring you joy on your anniversary, when people pass away, and it will be passed on for generations. Think about what you want before the wedding. Budget to be able to afford these heirlooms. Ask for gift cards to your photographer as part of your shower gift. If that doesn’t work, most photographers have payment plans. You’ve paid attention to every detail of your day. Isn’t it worth remembering for generations to come? We think so.