Four 12 Photography, LLC is here to help you create a timeline for your wedding day. Of course, this is a general guideline and should be tweaked to your personal needs.

What time is your ceremony?
Are you traveling to the ceremony site or taking photos at the ceremony site?

Your photographs will start anywhere from 2-3 hours prior to your ceremony time.
Why? It provides time for your loved ones to be photographed. You’ll get both individuals’ photographs taken with your bridal party, immediate family, including any in-laws, nieces/nephews, grandparents, and/or special people. It also allows time for your photographer to travel. If everything is happening at the ceremony site, a general guideline is to begin about 2 hours prior. If there is travel, up to 3 hours prior is recommended.Please allow 45 minutes for alter photographs, otherwise known as photographs immediately following your ceremony. This involves the same people that were photographed prior to the ceremony. Four 12 Photography, LLC starts with the couple, their immediate family, and ends with the bridal party. A variety of combinations are taken.

After your alter photographs, many couples invite their bridal party to take photos at a new location. This can be a local park, outside the reception venue, or if your wedding is happening at the same location as the reception, a new spot will provide a different look to your images. Depending on travel and wedding party size, planning up to an hour for these photographs help it feel calm. Of course, not all bridal parties will need this much time, especially if everything is happening at the same location. Any time you travel, it will add time. Here’s a sample timeline:

12:00PM: Partner 1 Photos
1:15PM: Photographer Travels to Partner 2 (usually ceremony site)
1:30PM: Partner 2 Photos
2:30PM: All formal photos end / Partner 1 arrives at ceremony site
3:00PM: Ceremony / Bubbles
4:00PM: Alter Photos
5:00PM: Leave for romantic park photos
6:00PM: Finish all formal photos / drive to reception
6:00-7:00PM: Cocktail Hour
7:00PM: Announcements / Toasts / Blessing
7:15PM: Dinner
Before dancing: Group photos of important groups
9:15PM: Dancing begins

1:00PM: Partner 1 Photos
2:00PM: Partner 2 Photos
2:30PM: All formal photos end
3:00PM: Ceremony / Bubbles
4:00PM: Alter Photos
4:45PM: Choose new location at the same place for bridal party/romantic photos
5:15PM: Finish all formal photos
4:30-5:30PM: Cocktail Hour
5:30PM: Announcements / Toasts / Blessing
5:45-6:00PM: Dinner
Before dancing: Group photos of important groups
8:00PM: Dancing begins
A first look can be added into this timeline prior to the ceremony. They typically take 10-15 minutes long. This will allow for photographs being taken and a special alone moment (no photographer).